The Website is probably the most important tool. To try to reduce waste, all applications are processed by the health care provider which is more likely to have at least a minimal broadband internet connection. The provider will use the site to apply new patients, and animals. The provider will if needed can also make adjustments to the patient’s information in the event that the patient does not have reliable Internet Access.

The patient will also have access which they will make any changes of information with their information as well as the dog’s. This will include changes in where the animal and person lives, the patient’s contact number, and email address, as well as the dog’s veterinarian. If local code requires a license for the dog, it is the patient’s responsibility to change the license number if the old one expires. The patient can also request new emblem patches and ID cards.

The public will have limited access. There will be access to the front page, an about page, and access to the animal’s registration page. With exception of a couple of details, the information on this page will be optional and up to the patient to disclose. For example, a patient may not want to provide their telephone number to the registration page, but instead may offer a forwarding number to help recover the pet if separated.