Violators will include those who try to use the system when they don’t qualify. First, the proposed patient can not apply their dog, nor themselves into the registration database. This has to be done through a qualified and registered health professional. This alone will make it hard for most to just get into the database as this requires regular visits with a mental health professional, and to convince them that you need and meet the requirements of a Mental Health Support Animal. This alone may not be worth the “privilege” of walking with your pet in a grocery store.

The only realistic means in which someone can violate the system is to commit fraud. It would seem easy enough to purchase emblem patches, and service dog harnesses without any credentials or proof there is a disability. First, the State will control distribution of all their emblems and IDs. And while this won’t stop unethical companies from making fakes, the implant of a registration number will be required on everything which now has to match the online database.

With introduction of the law, using emblem patches, or harnesses while claiming your dog to be either a service or support animal when it is not will be a crime. This will at the very least impose a fine, and confiscation of said materials. The violator should find themselves having to appear in court and justify how they can act in such a behavior. As long as violators just get a slap on the wrist and told to leave the establishment, there is no real consequence.