The state (such as the Commonwealth of PA) will be required to manage and maintain the database.They will also be required to issue welcome packages, emblems and ID cards as well as replace missing ones. This will keep the actual official materials from being handed off to others for production which could lead to easier counterfeiting.

The state will rely on the competency of the doctors that are registered to determine the need of the patient, and initial entry for the dog. The patient will have log in credentials which the patient will adjust the information that is needed about them, and the animal. The web site will be the primary means of application to eliminate paper waste, and provide for proper encryption which will be needed to conform to privacy standards on patient’s nedical needs

If needed, the state should set up a proper branch of government to address this site, but likely the state’s mental health system will manage this site. This branch will also send out documentation, Emblems, and ID cards to the patient. The state will be responsible for the sale and distribution of the emblem patches, and cards. All emblem patches and cards must have the Animal’s Registration Number.

The site must be easy to recognize as an official state site. In addition, the site must be easy to type in. The site will have a front page with an About Site, Patient Login, and Provider Login. On the front page will be a text field that will allow a person using the site to enter the animal’s ID number and get the results to show that the animal is properly registered and the status. The About page will define information on how the program works, and what is required. It will also provide contact information to report suspected violators.

The ID card will be in vertical format (as opposed to horizontal format as most IDs) which will display an image of the support animal, Name, Breed, Gender, Month and Year of birth as well as the dog’s registration number. Adjusting the angle of view with the card should show the department’s seal that will handle the service. On the rear of the card will be the patient’s name, a photo, and a QR code which will point to the animal’s registration page.

The emblem patch must be attached to the dog’s vest or pack when the dog is serving as a Mental Health Support Animal. It is less likely that the animal will loose the vest or pack than it will to loose a collar. With the dog’s emblem on the respective clothing, a person can verify the dog if the patient and animal was to be separated.

With this verifiable ID system in place, the public will not have to inquire of if the patient is disabled, and the role the dog plays. The state has already done this, and the ID along with the verification of status is good enough, and actually will go more in protecting the patient’s privacy.