The person is assumed to be the one that is suffering from a mental health condition in social environment, and the person will see a benefit in the opinion of the mental health professional to where the person’s pet should be qualified as a Mental Health Support Animal for that person.

The condition that the person is suffering has to be significant, and will be assumed that the person will be having outpatient mental health treatment. The patient will be expected to be in full control of his support animal. The patient will need to have continuing treatment.The patient will be required to have the registered animal’s ID, leash, vest or pack and that respective vest/pack must of the animal’s official emblem patch. If the animal is not acting in the role of a support animal, it may not wear any items with the emblem on it.

The patient is responsible for cleaning up after the animal’s, and as needed have required food, water, medication or toys. The patient will also be required to carry the ID, and make it available to show to any authorized person for verification of the animal’s role. In example if John and Fido were in a McDonald’s, a customer has no right to ask for the dog’s ID, but the cashier does.

The patient is still required to provide proper care for the animal. This includes proper vaccinations, appropriate vet visits, and feeding the animal.